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Helix Slide Chute
UAE Drones for Good Official Video

In our effort to automate the entire last mile delivery problem we have patented the Helix Slide Chute. The chute enables one point of drone access to a high rise building while allowing the package to safely

 be delivered to any floor below. The drone communicates with the Helix Slide Chute telling it which gate to open, diverting the package to the correct floor allowing you to receive your package without leaving the comfort of your apartment.


The 2015 UAE Drones for Good Award Finals took place at a purpose-built venue in Dubai's Internet City. More than 30 semi-finalists showcased their designs, but the winner of the US$1million prize was by a Swiss company called Flyability. Their collision averse rescue drone was an innovative solution to some of the challenges of the modern world.

You can see our drone in action in this one.. it is very brief though









Video 3

Skynet Video
Our Original Vid

This video explains in a bit more detail how the process works.


This is our previous video that some of you may remember. 

The only real change is the name.


Drone Delivering GoPro to Temporary Mat

This is our latest video that show the drone in operation. We have used the temporary mat in this example however it works exacatly the same way the net does. We put the GoPro in to the container that was being delivered. It just happened to flip over and show the drone going back to its launch location.

Drone Delivering GoPro to Delivery Net

This video shows our drone travelling long distance to our free standing net. A GoPro is in the delivery package.

A Short Animation Of How BLKTATU Works

A short animation of how our BLKTATU autonomous delivery system works.

A Vision of the Future

A vision of a possible future where larger drones could be used to load and unload container ships so that the do not need to pull in to shore. This process could even happen without the ship needing to stop. This could also be applied to trains and trucks.


A Vision of the Future

A vision of the future of drone deliveries using larger drones interconnected with smaller drones to transport packages across large distances.

Drones For Good UAE

The UAE Government invited the most innovative and creative minds to find solutions that will improve people’s lives and provide positive technological solutions to modern day issues. 
The day proved to be truly exciting as drone teams from all over the world demonstrated various approaches to using drone technology to better the lives of people.

Video & Music - Ashley Leung
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