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What would a drone filled world look like?

What would a drone filled world look like?

Lets imagine that drone deliveries are already happening. We can order something and have it delivered within 30 min or less. Drones are running around crisscrossing the sky. If you think about it there are so many more jobs that could be completed by the same drones when they are between jobs.

Emergency services

Rather than each service having their own dedicated drone operators and drones, they could summon the assistance of a logistics (log) drone. The log drone could pick up a optical suite. The optical suite would be a box filled with cameras. The drone could fly to the scene of the incident ahead of the responding crew and broadcast what is going back, giving increased situational awareness.

If it were a fire, the responding crew would know if they needed extra engines or specialist equipment.

If it were a car accident, ambulance crews would know how many cars were involved and potentially how many people are injured.

Police could track offenders without the need to engage a full sized, expensive helicopter.

Surf lifesavers could engage a log drone to give the beach a sweep to confirm a shark sighting.

Drones could also be loaded with any number of sensors. Like a pollen counter to alert the population of a higher than normal count.

Basic weather sensors to better predict changes in weather.

The options are wide a varied. These are just a few I thought of while I was sitting on the couch.

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