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With all the chaos that has overtaken the world of late, it's easy to forget the power of love. It's the glue that holds society together, and a source of peace and unity. Now, with the rise of political radicalism and religious fundamentalism, and a continuing and deepening recession, the potential for chaos is on the rise as well. For those who believe in and follow these ideas, this chaos can be more than a distraction; it's a threat to the basic integrity of our society. This special, moderated panel discussion, focused on the power of love, will feature several of the most progressive thinkers in America: Sean Penn Penn, the Academy Award-winning actor who has directed, written, and starred in a number of critically acclaimed films, including "Mystic River" and "Tree of Life" among others. Elaine Brown Brown is an author, motivational speaker, and communications consultant to the media and education fields. As the winner of the prestigious Los Angeles Times "Woman of the Year" award, Brown is also a regular speaker at various schools and colleges throughout the country. Lawrence Ferlinghetti Ferlinghetti is a poet, writer, and founder of the famed City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco. He is the author of "A Coney Island of the Mind: Robert Graves and the Art of Poetry." Kate St. John St. John is a poet, author, and speaker who was born in Trinidad and raised in the United States. She is best known for her books of poetry and non-fiction, "Charmed Life" and "The Sorcerer's Book of Dreams." The panel will be moderated by Jason Zengerle, Editor-in-Chief of The Huffington Post, and special guest panelist, to be announced soon. All proceeds will go to American Express, whose philanthropic arm, Fundacion Hearts, promotes and funds the work of international charities dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of children. Your tax deductible donations to Fundacion Hearts, in exchange for an invitation to The Huffington Post's World of Love Gala, can be made here. "I am very grateful for the invitation to be at the @HuffingtonPostWorldOfLove Gala. I am delighted to join the efforts of Amex, to build up the Hearts organization. -@Pitbull," she tweeted. UPDATE: That's




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I Am Tom Shadyac Torrent Download albdiff

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