What would a drone filled world look like?

What would a drone filled world look like? Lets imagine that drone deliveries are already happening. We can order something and have it delivered within 30 min or less. Drones are running around crisscrossing the sky. If you think about it there are so many more jobs that could be completed by the same drones when they are between jobs. Emergency services Rather than each service having their own dedicated drone operators and drones, they could summon the assistance of a logistics (log) drone. The log drone could pick up a optical suite. The optical suite would be a box filled with cameras. The drone could fly to the scene of the incident ahead of the responding crew and broadcast what is go


Take a look outside. How many planes do you see in the sky? Right now I am in Brisbane Australia. The capital city of the state of Queensland. I can see the whole flight path from my vantage point. From approach to landing. You know how many aircraft I can see? 2. The rest of the sky is absolutely empty. There is sooo much space up there. I bet even if you lived nearby one of the major airports (E.g. Heathrow, Singapore) and took a look outside right now, I bet that most of your sky was probably empty too. No more than 10% would be used at any one time. It is easy to look at the image above and think wow so many planes in the sky so little room for anything else. But this is simply not the c

Fixed, Multi-Rotor or both?

A lot of writing has gone in to what kind of drone will be used for drone deliveries. My TL;DR answer. It is most definitely going to be VTOL I am kind of going over some ground that many other writers have gone over before but bare with me. There are pretty much 3 types of drones. Fixed wing, Rotary wing, and VTOL (a mix of both). Fixed wing is like the plane you probably have flown on before. The wings are fixed in place on the side of the plane...hence the name. Positives - efficient and has long endurance Negatives - requires runway for take off and landing. Rotary wing is a helicopter. The wing is rotating around creating lift as it moves through the air. Multi rotors fall in to this ca

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