My Reply In Red

Let me start by saying thankyou for writing this article. My aim of writing this is not to get in to an argument with you about why drones are good for deliveries or not. I just think I have some good answers to the questions that you raise. I have a prototype of a delivery drone that address a few of the problem that you see with drone delivery. You can find more information on this site. Disconnect: drone delivery is not the future of ecommerce Drones. What started as a science fiction trope has become a cool tool for film hobbyists and a terrifying weapon for the world’s militaries. But the real potential for drones is in ecommerce, or so many people in the tech industry have been saying.

So We Got Accepted In To The Finals. Now What!

We received confirmation that we were in the Drones For Good Competition late November 2014. We had to have a working prototype by February 2015. This gave us at best, 3 months to prepare. So far all we had was a video explaining how our drone delivery system would work. (Initial video is at this link We originally called ourselves Skynet. Cool name right!) We actually had to build something now. Grant predicted we would have a basic prototype by the end of December at the latest. This time line proved to be more than optimistic. Grant quickly realised that he was going to need a lot of help. He set to employing 5 engineers that were completing their study at Jam

How It All Began

I had an interest in remote control helicopters for a long time, what kid didnt like the idea of flying a helicopter around. Also, like any kid, I loved the idea of having a robot. I would imagine a small remote control robot bringing me drinks as I sat on the couch watching TV. The problem had always been pocket money. As a kid I could never afford these things so they remained a dream until I grew up and got a job. Finally I had enough money but my hopes for what these things could do for me had grown and I was also old enough to realise that making them do complex tasks was beyond my ability. It wasnt until 2012, with the help from a new (very inteligent friend) that I plucked up the cour

First Blog For BLKTATU

Hi and welcome to the BLKTATU Blog In future blogs we will be talking about how drones can improve the way we do logistics and how they can can benefit the environment in the process. I will also give updates on what the BLKTATU team has been up to and all the improvements we have made to the latest system. Visit this site regularly to keep up to date. Clinton Burchat Founder BLKTATU

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