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Calling all logistics companies! Don't get left behind in the race for efficiency. Start using drones for your delivery.


The Vision -

Drone delivery to a field or a large yard is easy. Delivering to everywhere else is hard. This is where your customers live.

We are solving the last mile delivery problem through robotics and automation. We tackle the big problems and let you enjoy the benefits.


The Problem -

In reality, with current drone delivery technology, GPS alone is not accurate enough to deliver to a customers balcony as many people expect. How are people without a yard going to receive drone deliveries? How are you going to get to the majority of your customers with drones?


The Solution -

At BLKTATU we have built a drone delivery system for the rest of us, people who live in cities. We supply all the delivery hardware that allows drones access to high rise buildings and hard to reach places. Your customers don't need a yard. Check out the video above for how it works.


The Story -

A few years ago we knew that drone deliveries were going to be a very real thing in the not too distant future.  If the last mile problem is up to 60% of the entire cost of delivery, this is a problem worth solving. If you are a short-haul delivery company then this is 100% of your problem. Drones can bring this cost down significantly.


We build the infrastructure for your logistics company to get you on your way to delivering by drone. We do this through accurate autonomous pick-up and delivery.


We offer a drone delivery platform to enable you to start delivering by drone. We have the experience and technical skill to get you going. Our modular system allows us to work anywhere in the world. We have already begun partnering with logistics companies internationally to offer this service. Talk to us if you are seeking drone integration into your current logistics network and start solving that last mile problem.


We have solved the hard part of drone deliveries.

Contact us if you would like to start enjoying the benefits.

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